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Track Frame Excavator

Track Frame Excavator

1.Track Frame Excavator Product Information
2.Track Frame Excavator Application
3.Track Frame Excavator Compatible models

Product Details

1.Track Frame Excavator Product Information






Black or yellow



Surface Hardness




Warranty time

1000 hours



FOB Price

FOB Xiamen USD 10-40/Piece

Delivery Time

Within 15-20 days after contract established

2.Track Frame Excavator Application


Applications for mini-excavators including rubber chains


Crushing and screening

Extended carriages

Chassis for paving machines

Forestry Equipment

Farming Equipment

Skid steers

Cranes and mini-cranes

track frame excavator.jpg

3.Track Frame Excavator Compatible models: 

Pitch 228mm, single grouser track shoe for bulldozer: 

1) D8H, D8K, D8L, D8N 

2)  D120A, D135A, D150A, D155, D275 

Pitch 135mm, triple grouser track shoe for excavator: 

1) Pc40r, pc45, pc60, pc60u 

2) Hitachi: Ex45, ex40 

3) Kobelco: K903, k903a, k903b, k903c 

Pitch 190mm, triple grouser track shoe for excavator: 

1) Kota: HD900 

2) Kobelco: K909, SK150LC, SK160LC, SK200, SK210, SK220LC 

3)  PC150, PC180, PC200, PC210, PC220, PC230, PC240 

4) Liebherr: R902LC R912HDSL, R922HDSL, R932HDS 

5)  219, 225, 315, 317, 318, 320, 322, E200B, E240, E330 

6) Hitachi: EX200, EX210H, EX220 

Pitch 216mm, triple grouser track shoe for excavator: 

1) Kato: Hd1500, hd1800, hd1880 

2) Kobelco: Sk300, sk400, k914, k916 

3) Pc300, pc350, pc360, pc400, pc450 

4) Liebherr: Hs841, hs842, hs850, r952, r954, r961, r962, r965, r971 

5) Mitsubishi: Ms350, ms380, ms450, cat: 235, 330, e450 

6) Hitachi: Ex400, uh14, uh16, uh171, uh172, uh181 

7) Hyundai: R350, r420, r450lc 

8) Hyundai: R200LC, R210LC 

9) JCB: JS200, JS220 

10) Mitsubishi: MS160L, MS230, MS240, MS270, MS280, MS300 

Pitch 171mm, single grouser track shoe for bulldozer: 

D4D, D4E, D4H, D5C, D5M, D6, D6B, 561B, 561C, 561D, 561H, 933, 939, 

935, 941, 943 

Pitch 203mm, single grouser track shoe for bulldozer 

1)  D6C, D6D, D6E, D6G, D6H, D6R, D7, D7C, D7D, D8, D8D, D8E, D8G 

2)  D60A, D60E, D60F, D60P, D60S, D65A, D65E, D65P, D65S, 

D68E, D68P, D75A 

Pitch 216mm, single grouser track shoe for bulldozer: 

1) D7E, D7F, D7G, D7H 

2)  D60A, D60E, D60F, D60P, D60S, D65A, D65E, D65P, D65S, 

D68E, D68P, D75A

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