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Tricycle-type Landing Gear

Aircraft used on most of the tricycle landing gear (Figure 1a[landing gear arrangement type]). The nose below the front wheels away from the aircraft Centre of gravity can be avoided when the plane braked appeared "stand on his head" hazard. Around two main wheels arranged symmetrically in the Center, left and right main wheel a certain distance to ensure the aircraft is on the ground gliding without dumping. When the aircraft taxiing and parking, the fuselage floor in horizontal position, convenient for passengers and cargo.

Heavy aircraft with increased machine round and Fulcrum number of method reduced tire on runway of pressure, to improved aircraft in front soil runway Shang of landing glide capacity, for example United States military transport C-5A, took off weight up 348 tons, only main round on has 24 a, used 4 a tied of more round type frame (each frame Shang has 6 a machine round), constitute 4 a tied main fulcrum. Plus point total of 5 points, but still has a tricycle landing gear.